All websites require some level of ongoing maintenance to keep them running optimally. You may control and prevent many disruptions with standard maintenance weather performed by a designated internal representative or an outside resource.
Maintenance refers to:

  • updating platform software, plug-ins and third party integrations to their most current versions and associated testing for compatibility with each independent update
  • Routine inspections to identify security breeches from SPAM, bots and hackers and action to remove all traces promptly
  • Routine testing for on-going browser compatibility

Web maintenance goes beyond the website itself. Site performance relies heavily on it’s server. Regular review and constant communication with your hosting service is essential to your site’s speed and security.

  • Routine testing of server performance and hosting service

Additionally, it is important to note that random variables may arise over the lifetime of a website that may require professional attention to these resolve issues or enhance performance.

Counterspace is not responsible for maintaining a website after it’s launch or for any any issues that may arise as a result of lack of maintenance.

Counterspace offers maintenance plans to clients who do not have a dedicated resource to maintain their website. For clients choosing to decline an agreement, singular requests will be scheduled in accordance with standard scheduling procedures and billed accordingly. Rush charges will apply for issues requiring immediate attention.

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