Our Creative Director, Brett Yancy Collins, has designed over 100 dashboards across a variety of industries. Below is a small selection of some of his past work. If you’d like to discuss a dashboard project of your own, please contact us.



Design & User Experience
Disappointed with the Interface and User Experience Design the Velocity team was seeing from their development team, we joined the team to improve the interface design and streamline the usability.

SPRING 2016 – FALL 2016

Open Road Dashboard

Concept, Design & User Experience
While working onsite as the head of product development at Open Road publishing, Brett reimagined how Open Road could access their entire ebook catalog and integrate it across their entire platform.

SPRING 2014 – SUMMER 2014

Agreement Platform

Concept, Design & User Experience
An entrepreneur brought the concept of a document sharing platform to counterspace for concept refinement, prototyping, brainstorming, UX and interface design.

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