Designing a digital social map

Citymaps, a New York City based start up company, hired counterspace to update their interface design and user experience. As a startup company, each member of the Citymaps team was wearing many hats and working late nights which required us to do the same. We worked iteratively with the Citymaps team to find visual solutions that would work within their existing coding structure and framework.

During our engagement, counterspace proposed updating the Citymaps logo which was created early on in the company’s history. Rather than changing the whole concept of the logo, counterspace updated the typography and the central binoculars icon to evolve the logo. This allowed Citymaps to utilize a typeface that provides growth for future branding while retaining the core concept of the original Citymap concept.
We produced iterations for the desktop and mobile editions of the Citymaps interface all while Citymaps was continually updating and evolving their technology. Working this way can be a challenge because tech requirements can often change quickly. By using the rapid interface iterations, the client was able to easily see possible interface or user problems that could be avoided and make adjustments to account for them.