An logo mark should be reflective of an organization’s personality and serve as the foundation of all branding materials from informing the website’s look and feel to the face of your business cards. Our Brand Development process is highly immersive and results in a custom, timeless identity mark that can be applied to, and used on all forms of media.

We begin the development process by gathering information from stakeholders and dedicating ourselves to industry research to define the right direction for designing the identity.

After kick off and completion of any necessary industry research, we will begin to sketch and draft design concepts that will serve to represent your organization. Once satisfied with the sketches, we will turn approximately 6 – 10 concepts into digital versions and prepare for the first round of review. Once presented, the iterative process begins allowing for maximum input during the design process.  A client should expect to go through approximately 2 rounds of major feedback and 2-3 rounds of minor feedback during this process. At the end of this process we will have an approved logo that will serve as the anchor of your brand for many years to come.
After a final design has been chosen, we then create a style guide. The style guide informs the organization on the various colors, typography, and file formats that create your identity mark.  Style guides should be given to any person or organization that will be using your logo. (ex; marketing agency, print company, social media consultant, etc.)

After the logo has been created, Counterspace can use your new logo to design all forms of branding materials such as business cards, stationary and digital media.

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