Counterspace is a multimedia design agency that creates robust, customized and richly interactive websites, mobile applications, identities and marketing materials for organizations of all sizes from start ups to Fortune 100 companies across the globe. We are experts in typography, design, concept, usability, information design and information architecture. We are design thinkers.

Why work with Counterspace?

We use design to solve visual problems and produce targeted results. To achieve the desired results, we believe we need to become an extension of your team throughout the duration of your project.  Counterspace clients work with the designer throughout all phases of a project allowing the designer to gain critical insight into your project and it’s goals, thus eliminating project micro-management and inaccurate results, which often occurs when multiple account managers are involved.

How we do it

Every project has some basic things in common: concept, timeline, budget, goals and target audience. Using these as a starting point, we have developed a working method to tackle any size project.

Our process allows for small and large projects alike and is viewed as a set of guidelines rather than a rigid rule book. We adapt our standard process steps of research, planning, design, develop and deploy to each project, allowing innovation, creativity and exploration to be injected into each project. This approach allows Counterspace to delve into the heart of a project and deliver individualized results.


The principles of traditional graphic design are the same for web design- Typography, color, balance, organization and rhythm. Utilizing these principles in everything that we design provides our projects a solid structure through use of an underlying grid, grounded typography and readability.

The initial focus of problem solving through design is analyzing the composition of the page and how different text, image, and areas within that page relate to each other. The composition of a page allows users to see and comprehend distinct areas of the website, and as a result, navigate easily through the content. This is accomplished by leading the visitor’s eye across the page to each ‘content pocket’ using color, shape and form.


Every design project is unique and we believe no single form of technology can meet the needs of every client, so we are code agnostic. This means our designs are not driven by proprietary applications, but rather by the goals and needs of the project.

We work with the most skilled and dependable programming partners around the globe to take a project into the build and launch stage, but we are also able to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology group or team. We build pixel perfect designs in any web or computer language and are happy to hand off final files for your technology team to integrate.


Counterspace was founded based on a love for typography. In fact, our name, Counterspace, is a typographic term used to describe the space inside certain letters such as ‘g’ ‘p’ and ‘o’. That love evolved into international recognition of expertise in typography. Understanding the history, evolution and purpose of typefaces allows us to choose the very best typographical solution for a website, logo, print material and beyond.


The web is not static, or at least it shouldn’t be. The nature of the web allows us the ability to enhance content with motion. This could be in the form of animation, video or navigation. We develop flash, video, animated GIFs and javascript to purposely enhance content and engage the user and not as a superfluous addition to a page.

Brett Yancy Collins

Brett Yancy Collins is a user experience expert, internationally recognized typographer and world class designer. He has been acknowledged with publications and awards including Communication Arts, HOW Magazine, Macromedia and the French Milia D’Or awards. Brett’s work has graced the covers of both magazines and textbooks, he has lectured widely about design and type throughout America and England, and taught classes at universities such as Ohio State, the Hartford Art School and the University of Cincinnati.

In 2002, Brett founded Counterspace. Under Brett’s leadership, the company operates with the belief that design requires analytical thinking along with creativity to solve visual problems- It’s not just looking good, it’s being good. This business model has led to countless opportunities working for some of the most recognizable and successful companies in New York and across the globe.