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What is counterspace?

(we are a digital strategy company)

Counterspace uses design to solve complex business problems. We work as a direct hire, an extension of a team or agency, or on consulting terms. (We’re the ‘big dog’ companies call in we they need to get it done.) We work on-site for months at a time in leadership roles, or satellite on a per project basis.

Counterspace is home to award winning designer, and founder, Brett Yancy Collins. Brett started counterspace with the belief that design is not just looking good, it is being good. A designer must understand the core of the problem before a solution can be created that delivers results. This belief drives every decision at counterspace.

Love typography? So do we.

We built and manage the most comprehensive typography timeline in the world. The Counterspace typography website won several coveted design awards and is operated by Counterspace to this day. This site is visited by hundreds per day and remains a reference for design programs at universities across the globe.

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